HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Template 1

This is extension-template for printing woocommerce products using custom HTML template in shortcode [woof_products]. Extension has its own options in the tab Extensions of the plugin settings. Use it as basic template-ext for your own custom template extension as an example. Index: tpl_1

Example: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=1 tpl_index=tpl_1]

Use it as as extension-example for your own template!


AFTER installation and activation of this extension you can find its settings in: tab Extensions -> tab EXT-APPLICATIONS OPTIONS

ATTENTION: All customizations should be doing by the customer or his developer, no any customization provided by the WOOF support. If you have no such ability but have HTML template which you want to implement – its possible to order custom work for 50 USD.