HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Advanced search by Text

Makes searching by text in: title, content, excerpt and their combinations, sku, meta fields and taxonomy name

Has a lot of additional options:

  • Placeholder text – text which displayed in the search-textinput leave it empty if you not need it.
  • Behavior – behavior of the text searching, means what text should be searched:
    • Search by title
    • Search by content
    • Search by excerpt
    • Search by content OR excerpt
    • Search by title OR content OR excerpt
    • Search by title OR content
  • Search by full word only – the result is only with the full coincidence of entered words
  • Autocomplete – show found variants in drop-down list
  • How to open links with posts in suggestion – in the same window (_self) or in the new one (_blank)
  • +Taxonomies – text search also works with taxonomies names (attributes, categories, tags)
  • +SKU – activates the ability to search by SKU
  • Custom fields – type meta keys separated by comma. An example:_seo_description,seo_title.
  • Search by description in product variations – ability to search by the description of the any variation of a variable product
  • Use cache – works for text search and make its faster, use it on production site
  • Text length – number of words in the description in the autocomplete list
  • Min symbols – minimum number of symbols to start searching. By default is 3 symbols
  • Per page – number of products per one block of the search drop-down
  • Max drop-down height – the maximum height of the drop-down with the results in px.
  • Template – insert the name of your custom template. The template must be located at: wp-content/themes/__YOURTHEME__/woof/ext/by_text/views/templates/
  • Notes for customer – notes text for customers if you need it

Shortcode: [woof_text_filter]


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