HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

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Is created for super fast product searching of woocommerce products like in catalog mode using pre-defined and custom templates only. Its like standalone application which works by its own rules with ZERO requests to the site database, but has nearly the same logic power as standard HUSKY search forms.

There is no any AJAX requests uses for filtering and your site customers can filter products and get results on-live mode without any requests to the data base – INSTANTLY. Filtering is possible as through product title, attributes, product categories and price. No any time delays, all results are instant!!

Works using 2 shortcodes: [woof_quick_search] and [woof_quick_search_results] – just create new page and drop there this 2 shortcodes! Read more about shortcodes on that their pages.

Tested with up to 10 000 products!

Attention: this extension does not work with woocommerce templates, only through its own in-builted templates, and also with custom templates placed into current WordPress theme!

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