HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Shows taxonomies terms on front as colorized checkboxes/radio. Use for color attribute or custom taxonomy. Can be used with color hex code so and as image link. Also it is possible to add additional info-text for tooltip on the front for each term on its settings page.

To use it, select view-type ‘Color‘ for product attribute or custom taxonomy, and press Save button. After page reloading you can set color code and image link for each term:

You can also apply images from your media gallery instead of color, just press ‘Select Image‘ button.

By the way, such color/image functionality you can repeat using Smart Designer!

This extension has additional options:

  • Show title label – show/hide taxonomy block title on the front
  • Show toggle button – show toggle button near the title on the front above the block of html-items
  • Tooltip – show/hide tooltip
  • Not toggled terms count – enter count of terms which should be visible to make all other collapsible. “Show more” button will be appeared. This feature is works with: radio, checkboxes, labels, colors. Advanced info about show-button is here
  • Taxonomy custom label – for example you want to show title of Product Categories as “My Products”. Just for your convenience. Leave it empty to use native taxonomy name
  • Sort terms – how to sort terms inside of filter block
  • Sort terms direction – direction of terms sorted inside of filter block (ASC/DESC)
  • Logic of filteringAND or OR: if to select AND and on the site front select 2 terms – will be found products which contains both terms on the same time. If to select NOT IN will be found items which not has selected terms – means vice versa to the the concept of including: excluding
  • Tooltip text – enter tooltip text if it is necessary
  • Show in one column – show in one column with title
  • Behavior as radio button – use color/image as radio button (only one filter-item can be selected)


Demo example #1:

Demo example #2:

More info:

Attention for users who using WPML on the site for products: default extension doesn work with WPML correctly as its save options for one language only – current. In such case do next steps:

  • I0 the tab ‘Extensions‘ disable default Color extension and press Save button
  • Go to and download HYSKY bundle
  • Unpack it
  • You will find wp-content folder there – upload it on your site by FTP
  • In the plugin settings in tab ‘Advanced’ write in “Custom extensions folder” value “my_woof_extensions” and save it
  • In tab ‘Extensions‘ check ‘Color 2’ extension and save options
  • Now its possible in each term of taxonomy you selected as Color type select color as on the next screen:

    Link from the screen: wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=pa_color&post_type=product

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