HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


From v.3.3.3

Allows automatically in HUSKY filter structure show meta fields created in ACF and attached to post type ‘product’. Works for ACF types: ‘select’, ‘radio’, ‘true_false’

Data should me set on the products to let this filter-sections be visible on the shop filter.

  • Create meta fields in ACF panel
  • Enable in the filter structure
  • Set meta data to products
  • Do filtering on the shop front!

Also it is possible to filter by ACF Date field, but since this is incompatible with UNIX timestamp, for this you need to activate this feature through the hook ‘woof_meta_use_acf_dateformat‘ in your current WordPress theme file functions.php

add_filter('woof_meta_use_acf_dateformat', function($is){
    return true;

After activation it is possible to correctly filtering only ACF Date meta fields, and not UNIX timestamps date pickers.


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