HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Meta fields

Creates possibility to make filtering of products using products meta fields data. Extension been created to allow users do filtering for products by: _width, _height, _length, _weight.

  • Firstly you should add meta keys in tab Meta Data
  • Set view (slider,text,checkbox,drop-down,multi-drop-down) for your meta and type (text, number) of data. For example for _width, _weight, _height, _length right choice will be Slider with type number.
  • Press save button
  • In tab Structure using drag and drope set right place in meta filter-item. Also you can select additional options for its filter item depending of its meta-type
  • Press save button

ATTENTION: this extension does not work with variations of variable products. + When dynamic recount enabled its takes more MySQL queries in the database, especially slider!

6 views-types in search for meta data are possible:

  1. Slider – for numbers only. Values can be decimal only. You can set: range, step, slider prefix, slider post-fix
  2. Text – any text in products meta field data in modes: LIKE, EXACT
  3. Checkbox0 or by default. In additional options you can set what value is TRUE, and in such case all another values will be as FALSE. Also it is possible to set mode ‘is meta field exists
  4. Drop-down – Use syntax like: 1,2,3,4 OR title1^value1,title2^value2,title3^value3,title4^value4
  5. Multi-drop-down – the same as drop-down but allows to select in the search form some values and in its additional options it is possible to select filter logic: OR, AND

  6. Datetimepicker – calendar data in unix format, but also using hook woof_meta_data_datapicker it is possible to adapt(convert) filtered data using PHP code

Meta data keys which are selected in tab Meta Data implemented in: Quick search and Statistic




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