HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.9

  • heap of small fixes
  • added new hook for Husky text search ‘woof_husky_query_post__in‘. There are two Husky filter modes:
    • adding a search result with post__in (enabled by default). The advantage of this mode is reliability, because the search takes place in a separate query and all JOINs will not conflict with the main query.
    • the second one (if you pass false on the hook) – works with the main request and adds it in the old fashioned way via post_where. Pros: does not increase the number of queries to the database.
    • add_filter('woof_husky_query_post__in', function ($do) {
          return false;

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.7

  • heap of small fixes
  • added compliance with WCAG 2.0 recommendations
  • new option: for taxonomy sliders added option to select skin for its front range slider
  • new option: for meta field of type “slider” added option to select skin for its front range slider
  • new option: new field for SEO url – “SEO text”, this one appears under found products. For google its looks like catalog page with text description.
  • new SEO feature: “YOAST: add WOOF SEO links to sitemap”. Yoast plugin should be enabled.
  • numeric meta fields slider has new option to enable/disable numeric inputs above its range-slider
  • new Extension “HUSKY – Advanced searching by Text” – its replaced previous WOOF text search and allows more wide search ability

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.6

  • WOOF admin panel new design
  • New Extension ‘SEO URL request‘, search parameters become part of the URL.
  • New hook ‘woof_meta_options_separator‘ need to replace comma separator in options, useful if meta contains a comma as part of an option, example:
    add_filter('woof_meta_options_separator', function ($sep) {
        $sep = '|';
        return $sep;
  • New hook ‘woof_image_allow_term_desc‘, by default a description of the term is added for pictures, now it can be turned off. By default is true. Example:
    add_filter('woof_image_allow_term_desc', function ($show) {
        return false;
  • New hook ‘woof_mobile_btn_place_container‘ – you can override the selector where the mobile filter button should appear. By default is css class ‘.woocommerce-products-header‘. Code example:

    Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.

    • New hook woof_image_add_term_desc for filter-images (premium extension) – allows hide/show term description in tooltip. Default is: true.
      add_filter('woof_image_add_term_desc', function($tax_slug) {
          return false;
      }, 10, 1);

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.5

  • Fixes
  • New hook woof_taxonomy_image – allows to redefine images of the image filter term on the fly depending of the current situation:
    add_filter('woof_taxonomy_image', function($image, $term) {
        //change images on the fly depending of the current situation
        if(isset($term->term_id) AND $term->ID === 777 AND intval($_REQUEST) === 23){
             $image = "https://your_image_url.png";
        return $image;
  • New hook ‘woof_text_search_query‘ – allows to redefine text search SQL request on the fly
    add_filter('woof_text_search_query', function($where, $woof_text) {
        global $wpdb;
        $where .= "AND $wpdb->posts.ID IN(15,39,121)";
        return $where;
    }, 99, 2);
  • New option ‘Show price text inputs‘ – text inputs for price slider (works with ionSlider only)
  • Added ‘Cle [...]

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.4

  • New attribute: start_filtering_btn_txt for shortcode : – allows to set text for start_filtering_btn attribute
  • New feature: tab Advanced -> tab Options -> “Show image of variation” – for variable products you can show an image depending on the current filter selection:
  • Option “Logic of filtering” is extended, added ‘NOT IN‘ mode. If to select NOT IN will be found items which not has selected terms!! Means vice versa to the the concept of including: excluding
  • New hook: woof_order_catalog – allows to add custom sort for catalog
  • New extension: Slideout –  allows to show filter in slide out container as on the whole shop, so on separated pages also. Can be represented as shortcode on the single pages.
  • For images in the filter added new behavior feature: “Use image as radio button [...]

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.2

  • New extension: “Step by step filter” – allows to create wizard where user select necessary filter options step by step. Example:   . Read: Demo: +
  • New extension: “Saver of Search query” – Let the customers saves theirs current search requests!
  • New option for color checkboxes on the front as “Show in one column” – Show color checkboxes in one column with title. See additional options popup.
  • New option as “Tooltip text” for each filter block which can be set in its additional options popup. Also in tab design added new option for loading custom tooltip image
  • New hook-filter: woof_text_search_like_option – this one regulate text search behavior and by default returns FALSE. If it will be return TRUE text searching [...]

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.1

Quite big update!

  • New extension:
  • New extension: – allows filter products by its meta data as fro example _height,_width,_length,_weigh. Views: text, slider,checkbox,drop-down, multi drop-down
  • New hook:
  • Skins for top auto-filter     
  • How to show auto-filter on devices    [...]