HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.5

  • Fixes
  • New hook woof_taxonomy_image – allows to redefine images of the image filter term on the fly depending of the current situation:
    add_filter('woof_taxonomy_image', function($image, $term) {
        //change images on the fly depending of the current situation
        if(isset($term->term_id) AND $term->ID === 777 AND intval($_REQUEST['my_condition']) === 23){
             $image = "https://your_image_url.png";
        return $image;
  • New hook ‘woof_text_search_query‘ – allows to redefine text search SQL request on the fly
    add_filter('woof_text_search_query', function($where, $woof_text) {
        global $wpdb;
        $where .= "AND $wpdb->posts.ID IN(15,39,121)";
        return $where;
    }, 99, 2);

  • New option ‘Show price text inputs‘ – text inputs for price slider (works with ionSlider only)
  • Added ‘Clear all‘ button for the selected search items and hook ‘woof_clear_all_text‘ for its text
  • To search navigation panel – added taxonomies titles
  • New option for ‘Search by rating‘ – ‘Show stars in drop-down‘ to display stars in drop-down
  • On Sale‘ checkbox is included in dynamic recount system
  • New hook ‘woof_init_archive_by_default‘ to disable ‘Enable archives‘ in attributes if it is necessary do programmatically on the fly
  • New hook ‘woof_filter_shortcode_args‘ for shortcode [woof] for changing shortcode arguments on the fly depending of business conditions
  • New hook ‘woof_before_draw_filter‘ which works before print of each filter element
  • New hook ‘woof_after_draw_filter‘ which works after print of each filter element
  • New shortcode [woof_btn img_url=’img url is here’] which allows to generate special button to show/hide search form, img url is optional, example of using:
    [woof autohide=1]
    Displays a button to hide the filter. Works based on shortcode attribute ‘autohide‘.
  • In Advanced options extended functionality of option ‘Init plugin on the next site pages only‘  – added new strict compliance syntax -> use sign ‘#‘ before link to apply it. Example: # (last slash doesnt matter)
  • To SKU textinput added button to reset its content, its regulated by option ‘Behavior of reset button‘ where is possible to set filtering after clearing the SKU textinput field or just clear the text input.
  • New Extension ‘Import/Export‘ -> Import/Export woof options only while migrating. Taxonomies and its terms should be created/migrated before. After using VERY recommend to disable it! Your customers or you can occasionally harm WOOF settings, so disable it!’.
  • New option in tab ‘Advanced‘ -> ‘Optimize price filter‘ – Helps to more quickly find the minimum and maximum values for the filter by price on the site front and minimize server loading.
  • New Extension ‘Conditionals‘ -> allows to define conditions for displaying filter elements depending of the current filter request. Briefly this feature allows to hide some filter-elements while others are not selected. Or vice versa – show some filter-elements if some another filter elements are selected. See it in tab ‘Advanced‘ after activation.
    Syntax example: product_cat>pa_size,by_instock>pa_color. In this example described: if a user will select a [product category] then filter by [pa_size] or [by_instock] will be appeared [pa_color]. For shortcode [woof] use an attribute: [conditionals]. Use line break in the textarea to define some rules (press Enter keyboard). In [woof] shortcode to define some rules use sign: [+].
  • new Extension ‘Sections‘ – allows to wrap filter-elements into [close/open]-sections and make filter form more compact.


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