HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.3.3.3

  • New extension ACF fields, which allows automatically include ACF fields of type ‘select‘, ‘radio‘, ‘true_false‘ into the filter structure automatically.
  • Custom filter form generator based on shortcode [woof] – allows to construct custom filter to insert it on any place of the shop
  • New hook woof_use_wp_cache – if to use the object cache (otherwise it will not give anything) and pass true on the hook will work wp-cache which is more optimized. Showed good results in the tests.
  • New hook woof_custom_filter_items_order – gives ability to change the order of filter elements, passes an array of filter keys (you can find filter section key if to click on additional options of it in tab Structure)
  • For extension SEO URL new option ‘URL depth‘ – how many filters can be indexed. i.e. the depth of the search URL.
  • For extension SEO URL New variables {site_name},{current_tax_name} for SEO text – site name and current taxonomy name
  • For extension SEO URL new hook woof_seo_do_index. This is for more flexible indexing control. For example, the user does not want to index only red products
    add_filter('woof_seo_do_index', function ($do_index, $curr_url, $request_data) {
        if (isset($request_data['pa_color'])) {
            $colors = explode(',', $request_data['pa_color']);
            if (in_array('red', $colors)) {
                $do_index = false;
        return $do_index;
    }, 10, 3);

  • New option for Meta slider  – add/remove number formatting for range sliders

  • New option in tab DesignMore/less button type‘ – a setting that was previously only available with a hook – . Uses for filter sections when option <Not toggled terms count> is enabled in additional options of a filter section
  • Filters combined into groups – just sorting for convenience

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