HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Generates textinput on the shop to search woocommerce products by text. Dev name is HUSKY. Can do searching by:

  • title
  • content
  • excerpt
  • meta fields
  • taxonomies

Has next attributes:

  • placeholder: just text for customers in the textinput
  • behavior: what to search, accept next values: content, excerpt, content_or_excerpt, title_or_content_or_excerpt, title_or_content
  • search_by_full_word: search by entire entered word or by its part. Values: 1 – by full word, 0 – by word part
  • autocomplete: displays drop-down with results. Values: 1 or 0
  • how_to_open_links: how open product page if to click on it in the results drop-down (autocomplete¬†should me enabled). Values: 0 – in new window, 1 – in the same window
  • taxonomy_compatibility: should searching look in products taxonomies names or not. values: 1 or 0
  • sku_compatibility: should searching look in products SKUs or not. values: 1 or 0
  • custom_fields: use comma to enter meta fields keys if you want HUSKY also see on them. Example: meta_1,meta_2,meta_3
  • search_desc_variant: should HUSKY look into products variables description text or not. Values: 1 or 0
  • view_text_length: count of words in description for each product in drop-down (autocomplete should me enabled). Example: 10
  • min_symbols: minimal count of symbols for searching. Example: 3
  • max_posts: how many products show in drop-down page, it is like “per page value” (autocomplete should me enabled). Example: 10
  • max_open_height: max height in pixels for drop-down with the results (autocomplete should me enabled). Example: 500
  • use_cache: make search faster, good for a lot products on the shop
  • template: for developers only. Search results drop-down template can be reloaded. Use folder: themes/__THEME_NAME__/woof/ext/by_text/views/templates/

See text search in action:

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