HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Second main shortcode of the plugin. Its allows out products on pages of the site. All attributes of the shortcode is optional.

  • per_page – products per page
  • columns – how many products per row. Usually it is: 2,3 or 4. It depends of your theme ability and not from the WOOF!
  • is_ajax – very power option. You can set it to 1 and your filter generated by [woof] will start works in AJAX mode!
  • taxonomies – (optional) – you can define condition where set taxonomy and its term. Do not forget set the same condition in [woof]!
    Example[woof_products is_ajax=1 per_page=8 dp=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9,12+locations:30,31]
  • behavior – only one value: ‘recent‘. Example: [woof_products behavior=’recent’ per_page=12 columns=3]
  • orderby – price-desc, price, popularity, rating, title, rand, date
  • order – ASC or DESC
  • custom_tpl – [woof_products custom_tpl=’woof_tpls/woo_tpl_1.php‘ ] – if its necessary its possible out products in special custom template (where woof_tpls is folder inside wp theme folder or its child folder). Good feature for developers and advanced users.
  • tpl_index – [woof_products tpl_index=”tpl_1“] – if its necessary its possible out products in special custom template created by template OR connector extension with its own options
  • display_on_search –  (from 1.2.2/2.2.2) show products if search going only. If no search request – products will be hidden (doesn work in ajax mode)
  • get_args_only – [woof_products get_args_only=1] – return assembled and prepared array of arguments which is ready for WP_Query request. When this attribute is equal to 1 – no products will out because WP_Query request in this case not done. Use it in the next way for example:
    $args=do_shortcode('[woof_products get_args_only=1 is_ajax=1 per_page=8 taxonomies=product_cat:9,12]');

In the plugin before wp_query works next wp filter: – useful for manipulations with taxonomies relations …


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