HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Searching by SKU

Makes searching in simple products and in variable products using their SKU. User can use comma to search by some SKU on the same time.

Has a lot of additional options:

  • Placeholder text – leave it empty if you not need this SKU textinput placeholder. Set “none” if you want leave it empty on the front.
  • Conditions logicLIKE or Equally (the same)
  • Autocomplete – autocomplete relevant variants in SKU textinput
  • Behavior of reset button – make filtering after clearing the SKU field (reset) or just clear the text input.
  • Autocomplete products count – how many products show in the autocomplete list
  • Use for – for which type of products will be realized searching by SKU. Request for variables products creates additional MySQL queries in database
  • Notes for customer – any text for customer. Example: use comma for searching by more than 1 SKU
  • Image – Image for SKU search button which appears near input when users typing there any symbols. Better use png. Size is: 20×20 px. Example:

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