HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.6

  • WOOF admin panel new design
  • New Extension ‘SEO URL request‘, search parameters become part of the URL.
  • New hook ‘woof_meta_options_separator‘ need to replace comma separator in options, useful if meta contains a comma as part of an option, example:
    add_filter('woof_meta_options_separator', function ($sep) {
        $sep = '|';
        return $sep;

  • New hook ‘woof_image_allow_term_desc‘, by default a description of the term is added for pictures, now it can be turned off. By default is true. Example:
    add_filter('woof_image_allow_term_desc', function ($show) {
        return false;
  • New hook ‘woof_mobile_btn_place_container‘ – you can override the selector where the mobile filter button should appear. By default is css class ‘.woocommerce-products-header‘. Code example:
    add_filter('woof_mobile_btn_place_container', function ($selector) {
        $selector = '#my_woof_btn_place'; //your id or css class (.my_woof_btn_place)
        return $selector;
  • New hook ‘woof_exclude_existing_variations‘, this improves in stock search. Need because not everyone needs variations in the search results and also allows avoid excess requests. By default is false. Example:
    add_filter('woof_exclude_existing_variations', function ($init) {
        $init = true;
        return $init;

  • New option for extension Images ‘Behavior as radio button