HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update of WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.1.6

  • Fixed: site migration now works fine and WOOF settings are migratable with all components of the site
  • Fixed: resolved programmatically
  • Fixed: bug with chosen in mobile view
  • New extension: Statistic
  • New extension: Radio or checkbox in drop-down –
  • New extension: By rating –
  • synchronizing of WOOF functionality with the native woocommerce widget “AVERAGE RATING”
  • New feature: – Collapsible terms – “Not toggled terms count” for: color,radio,checkbox,label,image
    Enter count of terms which should be visible to make all other collapsible. “Show more” button will be appeared. This feature is good for radio,checkboxes,labels,colors. Words can be chaged even on image by:

    Request from the customer: Can WOOF use collapsible categories like
    It would be very, very useful to have taxonomies/attributes either collapsed by default, or a setup parameter that says “expand the first XX”, where filling in 0 means they’re all collapsed. There are only a few places in Woocommerce’s pages where a sidebar can be specified, and that means a taxonomy selection option (product filter) in a sidebar will quickly end up with dozens of possible choices (the site I’m working on will have a thousand or so products with many dozens of different attributes in sets unique to a group of products). Not collapsing all but a few of those would mean the sidebar gets completely out-of-control in length, since each attribute usually has several possible choices to it, until the user drills down to a specific category of product and the number of attributes drops down.

  • New feature: in the WOOF widget: “Hide search form by default and show one button instead” – User on the site front will have to press button like “Show products filter form” to load search form by ajax and start filtering. Good feature when search form is quite big and page loading takes more time because of it!
  • New attribute: in shortcode [woof start_filtering_btn=1]
  • New feature:
  • New feature: for hierarchy drop-down for title syntax: Distributors Country+Distributors City^My dist locations
  • New shortcode: [woof_found_count] –
  • New option: for ext “Search by text”: How to open links with posts in suggestion
  • New hook: “woof_print_content_before_search_form” –
  • New hook: “woof_start_filtering_btn_txt”
  • New feature: new view for the price filter [woof_price_filter type=”text”] – now its possible to represent as 2 text inputs
  • Improved SKU extencion – now user can use comma to search products with different SKUs on the same time 

    Request from the customer: “I’m looking to search by Multiple SKUs. We have an automotive website, we have our own internal fitment search dropdown that redirects to the normal Search, and we pass multiple skus that match the vehicle. I noticed your SKU search but it only appears to allow one sku at a time, is there a way to search multiple SKUS at once?”

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