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Searching is slow OR the plugin make page loading slow

A lot of cheap hosting company provide their services with weak hardware. So because of this reason products searching maybe slow slow. You can do next steps:

  • use cache plugins, for example this one
  • switch off ‘dynamic recount‘ in the filter and ‘hide empty terms‘ options
  • use Autoptimize
  • add more memory to your wp site
  • Use PHP 7.x or even better PHP 8.x.x
  • also in tab Advanced->Options try to activate ‘Cache dynamic recount number for each item in filter‘ OR ‘Cache terms‘ if your seacrh form has a lot of terms
  • Also its possible to hide seacrh for at all and it will be shown on demand. In the widget set ‘Yes‘ to ‘Hide search form by default and show one button instead‘, in shortcode [woof] use attribute ‘start_filtering_btn

+ from v.2.1.4/1.1.4 it is possible use links of pages and masks (Ex.: product-category) where WOOF functionality should be inited: tab Advanced -> Init plugin on the next site pages only – this will allow avoid initialization of the plugin functionality on all pages of the site

I must say, that is some pretty decent support 🙂
I also might have found something nice you might like: I’ve emailed you before about slow queries made by the plugin. The plugin’s query’s are still huge but I understand it’s a WordPress (woocommerce variations) thing. I found a solution though to avoid long loading times: tweaking MySQL by using this gimmick:
Loading times went from 15 sec. to 4/5 sec. now. Still not fast but way better than before. Next step is upgrading php since i’m running 5.3.
Anyway: if people complain about woof making things slow, try to hint them on the mysqltuner. It made a big difference for me.
Thanks again!

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