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Hook woof_use_wp_cache is to enable object cache wp-cache which is more optimized. Showed good results in the tests.

ATTENTION: it is obligatorily should be installed any plugin of object caching for WordPress, another way no effect. Example:

To enable wp object cache into file functions.php of the current WordPress theme add next code:

add_filter('woof_use_wp_cache', function($is){
    return true;


By default, object caching in WordPress is non-persistent, which means that it works within a single HTTP request (only for generating one page) and does not work between different requests (when visiting a new page, the cache from the old page is not used). As the page is generated, the data is stored in the cache (RAM) and taken from there when the same data is requested again in the code. For example, this is why the get_option() function does not make a request to the database each time during subsequent calls, but takes data from the object cache.

WordPress has the option to enable external storage for the object cache and thus make object caching permanent. So the data from the cache will work between requests.

To enable a persistent object cache, you need to install a plugin. There are several such plugins, because there are also several options for storing such a cache, here are some of them:

To determine if persistent caching is being used. WordPress uses the wp_using_ext_object_cache() function. It is useful for developers when they need to perform different actions with or without a caching plugin.


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