HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.2

  • New extension: “Step by step filter” – allows to create wizard where user select necessary filter options step by step. Example: [woof_step autosubmit=0 filter_type=1 by_step=”pa_size,by_price,pa_wear-type”]  [woof_products is_ajax=0 display_on_search=1].
    Demo: +
  • New extension: “Saver of Search query” – Let the customers saves theirs current search requests!
  • New option for color checkboxes on the front as “Show in one column” – Show color checkboxes in one column with title. See additional options popup.
  • New option as “Tooltip text” for each filter block which can be set in its additional options popup. Also in tab design added new option for loading custom tooltip image
  • New hook-filter: woof_text_search_like_option – this one regulate text search behavior and by default returns FALSE. If it will be return TRUE text searching will be working without considering special symbols, for example if to set TRUE and search for logroño will be also found logrono –
  • New option for taxonomy slider: Grid step – Hide each Nth grid label. -1 hide all labels, 1 show all labels, 2n show each second label, 3n show each third label, etc…. Helps when a lot of them in the slider
  • New option in additional options of taxonomies: Direction of terms sorted inside of filter block
  • New option in additional options of taxonomies: How to sort terms inside of filter block
  • New option in additional options of taxonomies: Logic of filtering – AND or OR: if to select AND and on the site front select 2 terms – will be found products which contains both terms on the same time.
  • New hook-filter: woof_quick_search_products_limit – allows to remove products limitations for quick search, by default it is equal to 10 000
  • New attribute for shortcode woof – [woof display_on_search=1] – allows to hide products if searching is not going
  • New attribute for shortcode woof – [woof hide_terms_count_txt=1] – hide text with count of variants
  • New shortcodes wrappers for native woocommerce shortcodes in AJAX mode:
    featured_products_woof‘,Overloads native woocommerce shortcodes – just add postfix ‘_woof‘. Use them with attribute hide_terms_count=1. In redirect mode postfix is NOT necessary!!


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