WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter


This shortcode allows create step by step filter wizard for your customers.


  • by_step - main attribute in this shortcode where should be placed keys (click on additional button¬†and see the title) of items which should be presented in the wizard. Sequence of keys has the sense! Keys can be taken from popups:
  • redirect - page to which should be redirected user after wizard finish
  • next_btn_txt - text of Next button
  • prev_btn_txt - text of Previous button
  • filter_type - 1 or 2, wizard types, see the demo pages below
  • autosubmit - if to set 1, on the last step filtration will start automatically
  • images - (from v.2.2.4) what images to show for each step, example of the value: product_cat:1391,pa_color:876,pa_size:982
    • img_behavior - where to set the image: prepend, append
    • selector - css class of the container where image should appear


Works from: v.1.2.2/2.2.2

WOOBE - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional