WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.1

Quite big update!

  • New extension: https://products-filter.com/extencion/exclude-backordered/
  • New extension: https://products-filter.com/extencion/woocommerce-filter-by-meta-fields/ - allows filter products by its meta data as fro example _height,_width,_length,_weigh. Views: text, slider,checkbox,drop-down, multi drop-down
  • New hook: https://products-filter.com/hook/woof_get_meta_query/
  • Skins for top auto-filter 
  • How to show auto-filter on devices 
  • Filtering works when enabled catalog mode  - before it was not possible
  • New feature: for widget and shortcode as button position: bottom, top, top&bottom
  • New feature: Override no products found content - what content show if no products found when using WOOF
  • Statistic can collect meta data usage if enabled Meta Data extension and data set
  • Quick search works with meta data if enabled Meta Data extension and data set
  • New attribute dynamic_recount for shortcode [woof] https://products-filter.com/shortcode/woof/
  • In WOOF widget it is possible disable/enable dynamic recount for current products search form
  • In WOOF widget it is possible disable/enable autosubmit
  • Ability to use meta keys in products search form shortcode: [woof tax_only='pa_color' by_only='_width, _height, _length, _weight']
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