HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

How to save a selected filter in a session so the website keeps it remembered for the user

Works from v.1.1.6/2.1.6. PHP 5.4 is minimum requirement.

Drop the next script example in the functions.php file of the current wp theme:

add_filter('send_headers', function() {
        if ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL'] === '/' OR $_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL'] === '/shop/')
            global $WOOF;
            if ($WOOF AND !woof()->is_isset_in_request_data(woof()->get_swoof_search_slug()))
                $woof_last_search_request = woof()->storage->get_val('woof_last_search_request');
                if (!empty($woof_last_search_request) AND is_array($woof_last_search_request))
                    $_GET = $woof_last_search_request;
                    add_filter('woof_get_request_data', function() use($woof_last_search_request) {
                        return $woof_last_search_request;
    }, 9999);



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