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Actions after AJAX filtering done

There is in-built javascript event in the filter: woof_ajax_done

So, if you want to apply any js code after WOOF searching by AJAX done, for example re-initialization of product galleries, use next code construction somewhere in js file of current wp theme (better use child theme):

jQuery(document).on("woof_ajax_done", woof_ajax_done_handler);
function woof_ajax_done_handler(e) {
    //write your code here

Customer request about this feature before it was implemented:

So far I’ve made the changes myself but I will definitely download the newer version when it comes out.
Another thing to consider (which I added as well, for my convenience), is maybe triggering a JS custom event when ajax is done. That’s instead of pasting code in the admin panel. I used jQuery(document).trigger(‘woof_ajax_done’); and used that event in my JS file.

What I meant with the JS is that it should be in addition to your solution and not instead of it. So that users that do know what they are doing won’t have to deal with the CMS and risk that other users might touch and change that section in the CMS.


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