HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Should be activated extensionQuick Search

  • preload – (1/0)if 1 its loads data file immediately after page loading, if 0 – only after user his start searching. By default is 1
  • placeholder – placeholder in the textinput
  • extended_filter – (1/0) By default is 0, but if to set 1 the shortcode will work only with shortcode [woof_quick_search_results] which are inserted on the same page. All below attributes has the sense if shortcode [woof_quick_search_results] is presented on the page!
  • price_filter – (1/0) shows price filter, by default 0
  • target – how to open products link, possible  values is: _blank (in new tab) and _self(in the same tab)
  • add_filters – plugging-in additional filters by taxonomies. Order of attributes/taxonomies inside has a sense. Possible view modes: [drop-down|multi-drop-down|checkbox|radio]. Syntax: drop-down:product_cat,multi-drop-down:pa_size. Attention: in free version 1.x.x its possible use only one taxonomy!
  • filter_title – possibility to use custom titles for additional filters. Syntax: product_cat:Type,pa_size:Color of the item
  • term_logic – possibility to change logic of relations between of SOME taxonomies. Syntax: pa_color:AND,product_cat:OR
  • tax_logic – (AND/OR) possibility to change logic of relations between of ALL taxonomies in the filter. OR is by default
  • text_group_logic – (AND/OR) possibility to change logic for text searching. For example: ‘Red jacket‘ – if OR will be found all titles where is presented word ‘red’ and also all products with word ‘jacket’. In AND mode only products where are presented both words! AND is by default
  • exclude_terms – which terms exclude from the filter. Syntax: 56,5288,8,1299
  • reset_btn – (1/0) Show or hide reset button, by default 1
  • reset_text – text of reset button
  • class – CSS class for form CSS customizations. By default there is: woof_qs_3_col

Example: [woof_quick_search preload=1 placeholder=’any text here‘ extended_filter=1 price_filter=1 reset_btn=1 reset_text=’Reset me‘ add_filters=’drop-down:product_cat,drop-down:pa_color,multi-drop-down:pa_size,slider:_width,slider:_height‘ exclude_terms=’161,167]

View types for taxonomies: drop-down, multi-drop-down, radio, checkbox

View types for meta keys: drop-down, multi-drop-down, slider, checkbox

Works with shortcode: [woof_quick_search_results] to show results in special template instead of autocomplete


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