HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Should be activated extensionQuick Search

  • per_page – products per page
  • template_result – should be defined and there is is 5 predefined templates: list_1 | list_2 | list_3 | grid_1 | grid_2. Also is possible to create custom template (read below) and use it. Create folder ‘woof_qs_templates‘ in current WordPress theme -> drop there any predefined template which you you can find in wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\ext\quick_search\views\templates OR download this custom template as an example -> customize css as you want -> in template_result attribute write value like: ‘custom/custom_1‘ – here first word ‘custom‘ must be, then ‘/‘ and then name of folder where teplate is placed
  • always_show_products – (1/0) show products always if 1, and if 0 – show products only if search request is going
  • template_structure – 5 fields which can be displayed in templates. Example: img,title,price,sku,key_words – for grid templates works partly.
  • orderby – Default sort-by (title-asc). Possible values: title-asc | title-desc | price-asc | price-desc
  • header_text – title in the template header. By default is empty string.

Example: [woof_quick_search_results template_result=’grid_1′ always_show_products=1 per_page=9 template_structure=’title,img,price,key_words’ orderby=’price-desc’ header_text=”My Products”]

Works ONLY with shortcode: [woof_quick_search] and shows seacrh results

Possible hooks:

How to create custom template: (for advanced users)

  • Download this custom template
  • create folder ‘woof_qs_template‘ in current wordress theme
  • unpack downloaded file and upload template
  • open file woof_qs_template/custom_1/output.php and change its structure as you need, and of course change css you need in woof_qs_template/custom_1/css/ custom_1.css 
  • Special keys and classes in the template: 
  • 1,2,3,4 – Required classes for the template. woof_qs_result – class for wrapping the template container
  • woof_qs_container – The class for the container where elements (products) must be inserted.
  • woof_qs_item – Item class (product)
  • woof_qs_no_products_item – Item class when there are no products in the search
  • 5 – Displays sorting in the form as drop-down by price and title
  • 6 – Displays sorting by title
  • 7 – Sorts by price
  • 8,9 – Displays pagination
    • __SRC__ – in tag <img /> generate sttaribute ‘src‘ with its value. Example: src=’’
    • __IMG__ – generate the product img
    • __URL__ – URL to the product page
    • __TARGET__ – target value for the link, can be _self OR _blank (open in the new tab)
    • __TITLE__ – title of the product
    • __PRICE__ – price of the product
    • __SKU__ – SKU of the product
    • __KEY_WORDS__ – names of taxonomies that are contained in the product product (they are used also for text-based search



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