WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Migration from v.2.1.2/1.1.2 and lower to 2.1.3/1.1.3 and higher

WOOF v.2.1.3/1.1.3 is very big update. Changed a lot of code (~75%) and architecture of the plugin, so from now its possible create extensions for the plugin to wide its functionality. Extensions API will be finally ready in v.2.1.4. Because of a lot of changes updating from v.2.1.2/1.1.2 need some attention. So do next steps please:

  • Create backup of data base by this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-migrate-db/
  • Update the plugin (remove old then install new)
  • Go to the plugin settings page and press CTRL+R or CTRL+F5 to clean browser cache and make settings page design in normal view
  • Do nothing and just press Save button
  • As a lot of functionality created by extensions, such things as sku,color,text-searching is disabled. So go to tab Extensions and select there what you want to use
  • Press Save
  • Press Reset items order button
  • Set all settings you are need and press Save
  • If you are using any cache plugin on front of the site – reset it!

From v.2.1.3/1.1.3 it is possible change order taxonomies and ‘by_’ elements as it is necessary by your logic. In shortcode [woof] added new attribute ‘redirect‘.


WARNING: js bug detected which is closed in but not in 2.1.3/1.1.3, the hot fix is here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/variable-products-not-working-3


* Fixed bugs from customers
* New wp filter: $wr = apply_filters(‘woof_products_query’, $wr); in [woof_products]
* New attributes added: [woof tax_only=’pa_color,pa_size’ items_only=’by_text,by_author’]
* https://products-filter.com/documentation/#!/hierarchy-drop-down
* Color type improved, now its possible set background image too
* Search by text: by excerpt, by content OR excerpt, by title OR content OR excerpt
* Added new shortcode: [woof_text_filter]
* Added new shortcode: [woof_author_filter]
* Added new shortcode: [woof_search_options]
* Improved shortcode: [woof_price_filter type=”slider”] //slider,select
* Improved shortcode: [woof_products behaviour=’recent’ per_page=12 columns=3]
* Improved shortcode: [woof redirect=”xxx” autosubmit=1]
* Improved shortcode: [woof redirect=”http://www.dev.woocommerce-filter.com/test-all/” autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only=”locations” by_only=”none”]
* Disable swoof influence option
* Custom front css styles file link option
* Additional text in the widget optionally
* Additional options in the widget optionally
* Custom extensions possibility implemented
* Show helper button option