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How to manipulate with search data options

Question: Is it possible to show the products filtered by default on load by a certain taxonomy

Answer: yes, do next:

  • open your current theme file functions.php
  • on the same bottom of the file add next code
    if (is_front_page())
        add_filter('woof_get_request_data', 'my_woof_get_request_data');
    function my_woof_get_request_data($request)
        $request['product_cat'] = 'music';
        return $request;
  • Use comma if you need more welcome taxonomies

It is just an example-question, by your own logic you can always can add any data in search request …

Remember: is_front_page() function doesn work in AJAX mode!

Example about how to show always ‘In Stock products only’ in the search results:

add_filter('woof_get_request_data', 'my_woof_get_request_data');

function my_woof_get_request_data($data){
    return $data;

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