HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


Allows to add any messages while user make filtration in AJAX mode.


add_filter('woof_redraw_elements_after_ajax', function($fields, $query) {
    if (isset($query->query['tax_query']) AND $query->query['tax_query']) {
        $html = "<h1 class='entry-title'>Looks like you like the color:";
        foreach ($query->query['tax_query'] as $item) {
            if (isset($item['taxonomy']) AND $item['taxonomy'] = 'pa_color') {
                $term = get_term_by('slug', $item['terms'][0], 'pa_color');
                if (is_object($term)) {
                    $html .= $term->name;
        echo $html, "!</h1>";
        $fields['.entry-title'] = ob_get_contents();


    return $fields;
}, 999, 2);

In example above user gets message if select any color in the filter. Demo see here – select any color. By this logic you can any commercial suggestions for the user while they use filtration.

Be attentive with:

  • $fields[‘.entry-title‘] = ob_get_contents(); – by red is css class of the container where message should appear
  • $html = “<h1 class=’entry-title’>Looks like you like the color:”; … echo $html, “!</h1>”; – here is the message itself, and of course you can use using PHP switch display different messages for different content of the search requests


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