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Allows manipulation by taxonomies blocks toggle state, for example make them closed on mobile devices:



This hook is placed in the index.php of the plugin in public function woof_sort_terms_is_checked and allows excluding of html-types from impact of the option “Lets checked terms will be on the top” if its activated:

Slider is excluded as its unlogical use it with “Lets checked terms will be on the top”. Returns array of types…. read more


Use hook woof_widget_title_tag if you want to redefine title tag H3 for WOOF widget title to any another HTML tag. Example:



Hook for “Show products filter form” button which appears in the shortcode [woof start_filtering_btn=1]

From: v.2.1.6  


Use this hook to manipulate by the button view for “Not toggled terms count” feature on the site front. XXXX – can be replaced to any word of the next words: color, radio, checkbox, label, image


  From: v.2.1.6  


This hooks allows to print any content before items of the WOOF search-form. Example:

From: v.2.1.6  


This hook allows set logic ‘AND’ for any taxonomies in the WOOF search request. Use it in your current wp theme functions.php file:

In the example above shown how to apply logic ‘AND’ for products categories. The same possible to realize for more taxonomies on the same time:



Use hook woof_title_tag if you want to redefine title tag H4 for each taxonomies block to any another HTML tag. Example: