HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


This shortcode adds a container to which mobile button is inserted. Mobile button appears on mobile devices to call hidden WOOF filter form and display it in compact mode convenient for mobile users. See the demo in your mobile device to understand: (from v.2.2.5/1.2.5)   [...]


Allows to generate special button to show/hide search form. Displays a button to hide the filter. Works based on shortcode attribute ‘autohide‘. Example of using: Attributes: img_url – link to img for the button   [...]


This shortcode allows create step by step filter wizard for your customers. Attributes:

  • by_step – main attribute in this shortcode where should be placed keys (click on additional button and see the title) of items which should be presented in the wizard. Sequence of keys has the sense! Keys can be taken from popups:    
  • redirect – page to which should be redirected user after wizard finish
  • next_btn_txt – text of Next button
  • prev_btn_txt – text of Previous button
  • filter_type – 1 or 2, wizard types, see the demo pages below
  • aut [...]


Should be activated extension: Quick Search

  • per_page – products per page
  • template_result – should be defined and there is is 5 predefined templates: list_1 | list_2 | list_3 | grid_1 | grid_2. Also is possible to create custom template (read below) and use it. Create folder ‘woof_qs_templates‘ in current WordPress theme -> drop there any predefined template which you you can find in wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\ext\quick_search\views\templates OR download this custom template as an example -> customize css as you want -> in template_result attribute write value like: ‘custom/custom_1‘ – here first word ‘custom‘ must be, then ‘/‘ and then name of folder where teplate is placed
  • always_show_products – (1/0) show products always if 1, and if 0 – show products only if search request is going
  • template_structure – 5 fields which can be displayed [...]


Should be activated extension: Quick Search

  • preload – (1/0)if 1 its loads data file immediately after page loading, if 0 – only after user his start searching. By default is 1
  • placeholder – placeholder in the textinput
  • extended_filter – (1/0) By default is 0, but if to set 1 the shortcode will work only with shortcode which are inserted on the same page. All below attributes has the sense if shortcode is presented on the page!
  • price_filter – (1/0) shows price filter, by default 0
  • target – how to open products link, possible  values is: _blank (in new tab) and _self(in the same tab)
  • add_filters – plugging-in additional filters by taxonomies. Order of attributes/taxonomies inside has a sense. Possible view modes: . Syntax: drop-down:product_cat,multi-drop-down:pa_size. Attention: in free version 1.x.x its possible use only one taxonomy!
  • filter_title – possibility to use cu [...]


Shows count of found products. Drop it in the usual text-widget with any text you need or use it in the hook woof_print_content_before_search_form. From: v.2.1.6   [...]


Generates search navigation if search is going (red buttons). Has no options.   [...]


Filter by authors ID and represented as drop-down on the front of the site. To use this shortcode should be activated extension Searching by Author

  • placeholder  – (optional) – text for first drop-down option
  • role –  (optional) – any WordPress site role, for example: author
  • view – (optional) drop-down or checkbox (actual from v.2.1.7/1.1.7)


Price filter as drop-down OR as slider. This shortcode has 3 optional attributes

  • type – slider, select,text
  • additional_taxes – Example -> product_cat:9 – its like special expression to filter products with shortcode . shortcode should has the same condition in attribute taxonomies.
  • placeholder – any text for drop-down type of price filter which is displayed in the first <option> of it.