WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Searching by Author

Goal: Searching products by author ID Representation: Drop-down or checkboxes on the site front Path: ext/by_author PHP class: WOOF_EXT_BY_AUTHOR Type: by_html_type Html type: by_author Index: woof_author Type dynamic recount behavior: NULL Shortcodes: [woof_author_filter]

On sales checkbox

On sales checkbox in search form when it’s necessary No any options

Searching by SKU

Goal: Searching products using their SKU number. User can use comma to search by some SKU numbers on the same time. Representation: textinput on the site front Path: ext/by_sku PHP class: WOOF_EXT_BY_SKU Type: by_html_type Html type: by_sku Index: woof_sku Type dynamic recount behavior: NULL Shortcodes: [woof_sku_filter]  

Searching by Text

Goal: Searching by text in: title, content, excerpt and their combinations Representation: textinput Path: ext/by_text PHP class: WOOF_EXT_BY_TEXT Type: by_html_type Html type: by_text Index: woof_text Type dynamic recount behavior: NULL Shortcodes: [woof_text_filter] Filters: woof_text_autocomplete_items


Goal: Show taxonomies terms on front as colorized checkboxes for color attribute or any other logic when color selection is necessary on the site front for users. Can be used as color hex so and image link. Also it is possible add additional information text for tooltip on the front in each term settings page. […]


Goal: Show taxonomies terms on front as customized labels Representation: customized squares Path: ext/label PHP class: WOOF_EXT_LABEL Type: html_type Html type: label Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: multi Shortcodes: —

Hierarchy drop-down

Goal: Hierarchical selectors. Example of using: custom taxonomy ‘Location’, where parent is сountry, сhild is city, sub-child is district Representation:drop-downs Path: ext/select_hierarchy PHP class: WOOF_EXT_SELECT_HIERARCHY Type: html_type Html type: select_hierarchy Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: single Shortcodes: —