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Goal: Provides range slider for product attributes or/and taxonomies. For example for the attribute size. Representation: ion range-slider Path: ext/slider PHP class: WOOF_EXT_SLIDER Type: html_type Html type: slider Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: multi Shortcodes: —


Goal: Show statistic about users searching by taxonomies and their combinations Representation: google graphics in the admin panel of the plugin From: v.2.1.6 Path: stat PHP class: WOOF_EXT_STAT Type: application Html type: — Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: — Shortcodes: — Installation Create new database for the statistic only In the tab Options of the Statistic fill… read more

By rating

Goal: Simple extension which allows to filter products by their rating. Representation: drop-doan From: v.2.1.6 Path: ext/by_rating PHP class: WOOF_EXT_BY_RATING Type: by_html_type Html type: by_rating Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: — Shortcodes: —  

Radio or checkbox in drop-down

Goal: Show taxonomies terms on the site front as drop-down where instead of <option> in-built such elements as checkboxes and radio-buttons  Representation: emulation of the dropdown with checkboxes or radio buttons inside instead of tag <option> From: v.2.1.6 Path: ext/select_radio_check PHP class: WOOF_EXT_SEL_RADIO_CHECK Type: html_type Html type: select_radio_check Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: multi and single Shortcodes: —

Go Portfolio – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Connector for Index: tpl_go_portfolio Example: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=0 tpl_index=tpl_go_portfolio] AFTER installation and activation of this extension you can find its settings in: tab Extensions -> tab EXT-APPLICATIONS OPTIONS

Display Product for WooCommerce

From 2.1.0 version of the plugin its added compatibility with the next plugin: Display Product for WooCommerce But from side WOOF only. So to make it works as here you are need: open file wp-content\plugins\displayProduct\displayProduct-shortcodes.php find code (CTRL+F)

and before that code drop:

  Then, create  new page in your site and drop there shortcode: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=0… read more

Essential Grid

This is extension-connector for printing woocommerce products using custom Essential Grid plugin and shortcode [woof_products]. Index: tpl_essential Example: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=0 tpl_index=tpl_essential] AFTER installation and activation of this extension you can find its settings in: tab Extensions -> tab EXT-APPLICATIONS OPTIONS

Template 1

This is extension-template for printing woocommerce products using custom HTML template in shortcode [woof_products]. Extension has its own options in the tab Extensions of the plugin settings. Use it as basic template-ext for your own custom template extension as an example. Index: tpl_1 Example: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=1 tpl_index=tpl_1] Use it as as extension-example for your own template! AFTER installation… read more

Searching by Author

Goal: Searching products by author ID Representation: Drop-down or checkboxes on the site front Path: ext/by_author PHP class: WOOF_EXT_BY_AUTHOR Type: by_html_type Html type: by_author Index: woof_author Type dynamic recount behavior: NULL Shortcodes: [woof_author_filter]

On sales checkbox

On sales checkbox in search form when it’s necessary No any options