HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce


From v.2.2.5/1.2.5

Allows to define the conditions for displaying filter elements depending of the current filtering request, something like predefined steps. Briefly this feature allows to hide some filter-elements while others are not selected. Or vice versa – show some filter-elements if some another filter elements are selected.

Syntax example: product_cat>pa_size,by_instock>pa_color. In the example described: if a user will select a [product category] then filter by [pa_size] or [by_instock] will be appeared [pa_color]. For shortcode [woof] use an attribute: [conditionals]. Use line break in the textarea to define some rules (press Enter keyboard). In [woof conditionals=’product_cat>by_price,pa_size,by_instock>pa_color+pa_size->by_price’] shortcode to define some rules use sign: [+].

Keys for syntax is also is possible to take from filter-elements popups: