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How to set toggle on the right side

Use next CSS code in tab Advanced -> Custom CSS code:


How to set logic ‘AND’ for taxonomies in the search request

Question: Is it possible for product tags (when displayed as checkbox) to filter products according to an “AND” logic? Question: If I use a query like this: “?swoof=1&pa_attr1=value_a,value_b” That gives me the products with value_a OR value_b. Is there a way to get only the products that have value_a AND value_b at the same time?  Answer: Works… read more

How to manipulate with search data options

Question: Is it possible to show the products filtered by default on load by a certain taxonomy Answer: yes, do next: open your current theme file functions.php on the same bottom of the file add next code

Use comma if you need more welcome taxonomies It is just an example-question, by your own logic you can… read more

How to force filtered results to show in three columns only

In AJAX mode sometimes is necessary to show count of columns not equal to 4. In this case do next please: open your current theme file functions.php on the same bottom of the file drop next code:

 save the file That is all … Remember – any count of columns (6 for example) is… read more

Working WOOF with Essential Grid

To make them works together: From version 2.1.4 it is possible use Template Essential Extension using attribute tpl_index for [woof_products] shortcode. Install and use this extension OR create new file in your current wp theme folder (or in child theme folder) and name it for example woo_essential_grid.php drop in woo_essential_grid.php next code:

  Create new page where you… read more

How to create beauty links for predefined search results

Sometimes in shops it is necessary create navigation for products with already search results. It is possible to get in some steps: Install this plugin: Make your predefined search link, example: Add new link as on the screen:  Now you have beauty link which you can use in your special product menu: By the way… read more

Auto scroll to element after AJAX is done

In the plugin settings page -> tab Advanced -> “JavaScript code after AJAX is done” drop next code:

.woocommerce-result-count – is a CSS class of container where scrolling will be finished. You can use any container with any CSS class or id …    

How to manipulate with the site css depending on the device

Sometimes users need manipulate the site css depending of the client device <PC or Mobile>. You can do it with the next code example, which should be placed on the footer.php of your current WordPress theme:

In the current example shows how to hide woof auto form button on PC and show it on the mobile devices… read more

How to show or hide widget only on selected site pages

To manipulate with the appearance of the widgets you can use next plugin: Widget Logic Here you can find woocommerce conditional tags: For example you can create different filters by shortcode [woof] for each category page using its attributes tax_only and by_only. Then drop usual text-widget on the sidebar and write there shortcode with its attributes…. read more