WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Searching is slow OR the plugin make page loading slow

A lot of cheap hosting company provide their services with weak hardware. So because of this reason products searching maybe slow slow. You can do next steps: use cache plugins, for example this one switch off ‘dynamic recount’ in the filter and ‘hide empty terms’ options use Autoptimize add more memory to your wp site […]

How to create beauty links for predefined search results

Sometimes in shops it is necessary create navigation for products with already search results. It is possible to get in some steps: Install this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pretty-link/ Make your predefined search link, example: https://demo.products-filter.com/product-category/clothing/?swoof=1&locations=spain&paged=1&pa_color=red&pa_size=xl Add new link as on the screen:  Now you have beauty link which you can use in your special product menu: https://demo.products-filter.com/spain-red-clothes-red-color By the way […]

No premium features accessible in Codecanyon version, still red and blocked

It is just a cache. After buying premium version of the plugin just uninstall free version of WOOF, download from https://codecanyon.net/downloads zip with WOOF and unpack it. Inside of the unpacked zip you will find woocommerce-products-filter.zip – Install it on your site. Then after installation go to the plugin settings page and press CTRL+F5 or CTRL+R- and your […]

Auto scroll to element after AJAX is done

In the plugin settings page -> tab Advanced -> “JavaScript code after AJAX is done” drop next code:

.woocommerce-result-count – is a CSS class of container where scrolling will be finished. You can use any container with any CSS class or id …    

How to manipulate with the site css depending on the device

Sometimes users need manipulate the site css depending of the client device <PC or Mobile>. You can do it with the next code example, which should be placed on the file footer.php of your current WordPress theme:

In the current example shows how to hide woof auto form button on PC and show it on […]

I just bought the plugin and cant install it. Error!!

100% you are trying to install Codecanyon bundle. To install the plugin you should unpack downloaded zip file from CodeCanyon and you will find there woocommerce-products-filter.zip which should be installed. If you have previous version or free one – remove it before please, and do not worry about the data as it is in the data […]

How to show or hide widget only on selected site pages

To manipulate with the appearance of the widgets you can use next plugin: Widget Logic Here you can find woocommerce conditional tags: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/conditional-tags/ For example you can create different filters by shortcode [woof] for each category page using its attributes tax_only and by_only. Then drop usual text-widget on the sidebar and write there shortcode with its attributes. […]