WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

How to manipulate with search data options

Question: Is it possible to show the products filtered by default on load by a certain taxonomy Answer: yes, do next: open your current theme file functions.php on the same bottom of the file add next code

Use comma if you need more welcome taxonomies It is just an example-question, by your own logic you can […]

How to force filtered results to show in three columns only

In AJAX mode sometimes is necessary to show count of columns not equal to 4. In this case do next please: open your current theme file functions.php on the same bottom of the file drop next code:

 save the file That is all … Remember – any count of columns (6 for example) is […]

Working WOOF with Essential Grid

To make them works together: From version 2.1.4 it is possible use Template Essential Extension using attribute tpl_index for [woof_products] shortcode. Install and use this extension https://products-filter.com/extencion/essential-grid/ OR create new file in your current wp theme folder (or in child theme folder) and name it for example woo_essential_grid.php drop in woo_essential_grid.php next code:

  Create new page where you […]

Migration from v.2.1.2/1.1.2 and lower to 2.1.3/1.1.3 and higher

WOOF v.2.1.3/1.1.3 is very big update. Changed a lot of code (~75%) and architecture of the plugin, so from now its possible create extensions for the plugin to wide its functionality. Extensions API will be finally ready in v.2.1.4. Because of a lot of changes updating from v.2.1.2/1.1.2 need some attention. So do next steps please: […]

Filtering by product attribute doesn work!

There are can be 2 reasons: In the attributes settings checkbox ‘Enable Archives?’ should be checked!! If you see that term-page for the first time and that checkbox is checked – any way press save button on the page. Type should be ‘Select’ – Type determines how you select attributes for products. Under admin panel […]

Pagination troubles in AJAX mode

In some themes pagination structure changed from native woo code to smth another – this is the main reason when pagination in ajax mode is failed. Native pagination structure: So you have 2 ways: change pagination html as it should be if you know how is it use redirect mode instead of AJAX mode