WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Working with WPML

WOOF is absolutely compatible with WPML. All taxonomies labels can be translated into all languages in: tab Advanced -> “WPML taxonomies labels translations” using next syntax-example (english is default in the example):


How to manipulate by CSS if search is going

If it necessary to manipulate with any view on the web site when WOOF search is going its possible to use CSS class ‘woof_search_is_going’ in tag <body>. Its always appears when WOOF search is going in the redirect mode.

Styles and codes which are applied on the demo site

To make demo site more attractive and demonstrated different features the next code is applied: In the plugin settings -> tab Advanced -> “Custom CSS code”

Code for the rounded squares for color palette is taken here: https://products-filter.com/possible-color-selector-show-circular-shaped-colors-instead-square/ In the functions.php file of the current wp theme added the next PHP code: https://products-filter.com/hook/woof_get_more_less_button_xxxx/ – example for […]

Update of WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.1.6

Fixed: site migration now works fine and WOOF settings are migratable with all components of the site Fixed: https://products-filter.com/filtering-by-product-attribute-doesn-work/ resolved programmatically Fixed: bug with chosen in mobile view New extension: Statistic – https://products-filter.com/extencion/statistic/ New extension: Radio or checkbox in drop-down – https://products-filter.com/extencion/radio-or-checkbox-drop-down/ New extension: By rating – https://products-filter.com/extencion/by-rating/ synchronizing of WOOF functionality with the native […]

If it’s possible to have the Color selector show circular-shaped colors instead of square

Drop the next CSS code into the plugin settings page -> tab Options -> “Custom CSS code”:

Size of color boxes can be adjusted by:


How to save a selected filter in a session so the website keeps it remembered for the user

Works from v.1.1.6/2.1.6. PHP 5.4 is minimum requirement. Drop the next script example in the functions.php file of the current wp theme:


Actions after AJAX filtering done

There is in-built javascript event in the filter: woof_ajax_done So, if you want to apply any js code after WOOF searching by AJAX done, for example re-initialization of product galleries, use next code construction somewhere in js file of current wp theme (better use child theme):

Customer request about this feature before it was implemented: […]

How to disable chosen js lib (drop-downs) for mobile devices

open your current theme functions.php file drop there next php code:

How to set toggle on the right side

Use next CSS code in tab Advanced -> Custom CSS code:


How to set logic ‘AND’ for taxonomies in the search request

Question: Is it possible for product tags (when displayed as checkbox) to filter products according to an “AND” logic? Question: If I use a query like this: “?swoof=1&pa_attr1=value_a,value_b” That gives me the products with value_a OR value_b. Is there a way to get only the products that have value_a AND value_b at the same time?  Answer: https://products-filter.com/hook/woof_main_query_tax_relations/ Works […]