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Text attributes does not works in WOOF as they are not supported by WooCommerce

From woocommerce version 3.3.2 text attributes not supported, use only selectable attributes which supported. WOOF doesn work with text attributes! Minimal woocommerce version for WOOF: v.3.4 (2020 year)

Manipulating by CSS class in tag body while filtering

If it is necessary to add any special CSS class in tag <body>, it is possible with hook ‘body_class’. Example:

  On the code above is scenario: when WOOF searching is going by ‘brand’ and current page is page of category with ID 23 – system add CSS classes ‘term-shoes tax-product_cat’ to tag <body>…. read more

Auto scroll to products top in redirect mode

In file footer.php of your current wordpress theme (use child theme) add next code:

  .woof_products_top_panel_content – is a CSS class of container where scrolling will be finished. You can use any container with any CSS class or id …

Auto scroll to products after their filtering in redirect mode

Open file functions.php of your current wp theme Find there code: <?php wp_footer(); ?> and drop after it next code:

Now after filtering in redirect mode will be scrollin effect as here  

Get the plugin to work with ACF date field

Source: Customer question: Hello, I am trying to get the plugin to work with ACF date field, but it seems not possible. The problem is with date formats – WOOF uses timestamp and ACF uses Y-m-d format in the database. Is there a way to solve this? Support: Hello Unfortunately not as for filtration… read more

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.4

New attribute: start_filtering_btn_txt for shortcode [woof]: [woof start_filtering_btn=1 start_filtering_btn_txt=”Lets start!”] – allows to set text for start_filtering_btn attribute New feature: tab Advanced -> tab Options -> “Show image of variation” – for variable products you can show an image depending on the current filter selection: Option “Logic of filtering” is extended, added ‘NOT IN’ mode…. read more

Can I override any extension view file for my site needs?

From ver.2.2.4/1.2.4 it is possible to override templates of extensions. Folder should be placed in current wordpress theme folder and should has the same file structure as the original extension. Example: wp-content/themes/my_child_theme/woof/ext/image/views/woof.php

Update WooCommerce Products Filter v.2.2.3

new extension TURBO MODE new option search by description in variations new option possible to show terms titles for type images new option in tab Design for tooltips which add possibility to disable it if any scripts conflicts on the site front updated option in tab Advanced to enable OR disable the plugin on the… read more

Conflict with elementor page builder

Hi, We are using your plugin and Elementor plugin on same page. They started to conflict for some reasons. Elementor page builder doesnt open correctly. As soon your plugin disabled, ti loads up nicely without issues. Youw and Elementor pluign ofr us are crucial, and they worked ok till some moment…   We fixed the… read more

ERROR 403 when searching by author

Original: Searching by author makes 403 error on the site. Possible reason: The problem was in the .htaccess file. With this part (which pretends to discourage brute force attacks by blocking author scans) Solution: in .htaccess file remove next code if its exists: